Tuesday, 21 July 2015

IMAGE Models Reviews

IMAGE Models Review from Joe!

"The assignment was advertised as something like;

Male Models Req. South East. 18-25. 6ft+

I saw it on your website and i figured why not! Within a couple of days I'd got the job anyway and it was for two shoots on the same day in Essex. I normally work nights, so luckily I had nothing else on that would've meant I'd be unable to attend. Getting out of the city was nice, but in the second shoot the skies just opened. A massive black storm came out of nowhere and we moved into some kind of warehouse near by to finish off. After everything I walked away with about £150 for the day which wasn't bad and hopefully made a connection or two along the way."

If you want to find out about modelling or to apply for assignments visit the IMAGE Models website. We have a full time team who find and advertise the jobs, just like any other job agency. We vet all clients to make sure they are legit and guarantee payment upon completion of the job. To get in touch with us please use the contact form on the website and also show your support on the IMAGE Models facebook page! 

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