Thursday, 1 October 2015

September Reviews of IMAGE Models Assignments!

What was your best modelling job?

Welcome back! It's been a busy month with dozens of assignments completed by our fantastic models. IMAGE Models have a huge variety of assignments coming in, each with different briefs. The criteria change from day to day and we're always looking for that perfect model for each job. IF we don't keep the client happy, they won't come back so we do our best to match the right model with the right job. The huge variety of assignments means that the feedback we get from our models changes all the time.

For example, on this IMAGE Models Reviews blog, you can read about Ashley and her recent acting assignment! In many ways, modelling and acting are one and the same in terms of the job required, the only difference is the finished product. We had an email come in from Andrew last week and thought we'd share it. He had just completed a day working with a well known camping gear brand and had an unexpected problem...

Hi! The day went well, thanks for checking in on me! I spoke to Brian from the production company afterwards and he basically gave me the thumbs up so I'm really chuffed with myself. He had scheduled the shoot for today though because the weather was expected to be dark and wet (who wears a raincoat in the sun?) but as ever.. the forecast was wrong and it was basically summer again. I think they'll edit the images to make the air appear cold and autumnal but it was absolutely roasting wearing all that gear! Let me know about the other one and if it's still an option for me please. Appreciate your help, thanks! 

IMAGE Models
Ryan, IMAGE Models
We hear that the weather being bad is a problem far more often than this, especially in the UK! It just goes to show that every type of shoot has its different needs and some are just too unpredictable. For the latest assignments from IMAGE Models follow us on twitter and find out more about our company, our team and our experience on the IMAGE Models website.