Friday, 11 December 2015

Male Model Review

Male Model Review

Image Models work with all types of models with different levels of experience. We work with male models from fitness to catalogue. Here is a recent review of our model agency in Lodon. Find out more about our modelling agency in London here.

Rupert - 22

It was great to be the one selected for an assignment by Image Model , all the better knowing I was the only one chosen!  Everyone at Wahl UK was nice and welcoming, and I was only required for the hair demonstration for a little while. I would highly recommend this model agency for anyone starting off - definitely give it a go, it will be worth it! The assignment was enjoyable and Mark/Tanya and Gary were very helpful and we all had a laugh. Although I have not been as proactive promoting myself as much as I could  due to lack of time, I do always enjoy my time on assignment.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

New Model Review - Invacare Assignment

Working for Invacare was my first assignment with Image Models and also my first time doing paid modelling work. The job consisted of real life activities, focusing on Invacare and the chairs they make for disabled people. Myself and two others had to pose as a group of friends - chilling out, talking etc as you would do with your mates. The shoot took place in various locations - in a coffee shop, busy shopping centre, Cardiff Bay and the glee comedy club.    I really enjoyed my time on the photo shoot and I would love to do this type of work again, as I thought I did well and the photographers and the team were all happy.

The assignment on Saturday in Oxford was a different and unique experience for me as I had to play a superhero character 'Pump' for Medikidz, a medical communications company.  Seeing the Oxfordshire greenery was fantastic. Abby, the director of the assignment, was absolutely lovely to work with; she ran through all what was needed of me and made me feel comfortable straightaway. The central London model agency location for the assignment was at Oxford's Crown Plaza Hotel, which if you don't know is a beautiful top class venue.  Overall, loved everything about the Medikidz assignment. A BIG shout out to Molly at Talent Management, I appreciate you so much and thank you very much for putting me forward for selection.

Well, another excellent day thanks to Image Models!  This time I was shooting for Invacare's latest advertising material in Cardiff.  With every job I'm gaining more experience and the more experience I get, the more jobs I get.  I feel my character coming out more and more as the jobs go on. Keep the jobs coming! Xxx

Find out more about Image Models on Tumblr and visit the Image Models website to find out more about their model agency. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

September Reviews of IMAGE Models Assignments!

What was your best modelling job?

Welcome back! It's been a busy month with dozens of assignments completed by our fantastic models. IMAGE Models have a huge variety of assignments coming in, each with different briefs. The criteria change from day to day and we're always looking for that perfect model for each job. IF we don't keep the client happy, they won't come back so we do our best to match the right model with the right job. The huge variety of assignments means that the feedback we get from our models changes all the time.

For example, on this IMAGE Models Reviews blog, you can read about Ashley and her recent acting assignment! In many ways, modelling and acting are one and the same in terms of the job required, the only difference is the finished product. We had an email come in from Andrew last week and thought we'd share it. He had just completed a day working with a well known camping gear brand and had an unexpected problem...

Hi! The day went well, thanks for checking in on me! I spoke to Brian from the production company afterwards and he basically gave me the thumbs up so I'm really chuffed with myself. He had scheduled the shoot for today though because the weather was expected to be dark and wet (who wears a raincoat in the sun?) but as ever.. the forecast was wrong and it was basically summer again. I think they'll edit the images to make the air appear cold and autumnal but it was absolutely roasting wearing all that gear! Let me know about the other one and if it's still an option for me please. Appreciate your help, thanks! 

IMAGE Models
Ryan, IMAGE Models
We hear that the weather being bad is a problem far more often than this, especially in the UK! It just goes to show that every type of shoot has its different needs and some are just too unpredictable. For the latest assignments from IMAGE Models follow us on twitter and find out more about our company, our team and our experience on the IMAGE Models website.

Friday, 28 August 2015

IMAGE Models Assignment Review

IMAGE Models Review: First Time Lucky! 

We love hearing back from models after their assignments and take all feedback on board. Thankfully, because we vet our clients very carefully we hardly ever hear about any bad experiences. Here's a letter we got from Martin after his first modelling job in Hertfordshire.

IMAGE Models
IMAGE Models
Really enjoyed my first ever modelling assignment yesterday. It was located at a 3.5 million pound mansion in Hertfordshire. I was accompanied by 2 other models and we were required to pose with high end garden furniture. The weather was lovely and the setting (by the pool) was idyllic.

I had been nervous the night before, mainly with choosing what clothes to take, plus I was going to have to drive 155 miles to get there!  However with an early start I managed to get to the property without any problems. I was warmly welcomed by the client and photographer and was immediately put at ease. We went through my wardrobe and chose 3 outfits.  My directions were to relax on a variety of chairs, reading or chatting with my model wife and her friend. The time went quick and the client seemed really pleased with the results.  It was a great insight into how things were done. I am really looking forward to my next assignment through IMAGE Models and will definitely be less apprehensive.

Are you interested in becoming a model? If you think you have what it takes then visit the IMAGE Models website to see our list of available assignments. The list changes every day so make sure to keep an eye on it and apply for any that look suitable for you. Also, keep up with IMAGE Models on Facebook and feel free to drop us a message with your questions.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

IMAGE Models Reviews

IMAGE Models Review from Joe!

"The assignment was advertised as something like;

Male Models Req. South East. 18-25. 6ft+

I saw it on your website and i figured why not! Within a couple of days I'd got the job anyway and it was for two shoots on the same day in Essex. I normally work nights, so luckily I had nothing else on that would've meant I'd be unable to attend. Getting out of the city was nice, but in the second shoot the skies just opened. A massive black storm came out of nowhere and we moved into some kind of warehouse near by to finish off. After everything I walked away with about £150 for the day which wasn't bad and hopefully made a connection or two along the way."

If you want to find out about modelling or to apply for assignments visit the IMAGE Models website. We have a full time team who find and advertise the jobs, just like any other job agency. We vet all clients to make sure they are legit and guarantee payment upon completion of the job. To get in touch with us please use the contact form on the website and also show your support on the IMAGE Models facebook page! 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Who are IMAGE Models?

Who are IMAGE Models?

What do you look for in a modeling agency? IMAGE Models are one of the UK’s fastest growing modeling agencies. Headquartered in London, IMAGE cater for the whole of the UK with numerous connections that provide a constant stream of modeling jobs for all types of model. Rates of pay are usually daily and commonly fall between £150-300 for the majority of assignments.

IMAGE Models

Interested in putting your kid forward to become a model? A child’s modeling ability is very important, taking into account their character, charisma, and much more. If you think your child has what it takes to be in the modeling industry then speak to IMAGE Models about opportunities. Here your child will be able to enhance their basic skills in modeling in the process developing them to better models. As there is such a high demand for kids in advertising, your child might just be chosen for a great assignment. Information on assignments is also posted on the IMAGE Models twitter. Also at a younger age the child is able to effectively develop their talents and improve on their personality making them great models.

For more info on modeling jobs, check out the IMAGE Models website regularly for a full listing of assignments and a quick application procedure. New jobs come in daily and we publicise them as best we can so keep an eye out!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Model Agency London

Whis is the best Model Agency in London for new Models?

Many modelling agencies are closed off to the general public, and unless you are one in a million or a close friend of Taylor Swift, your not going to get a look-in. This is why Image Models was set up. We have modelling jobs available for models of all experience levels. The diverse range of clients we have and flexible range of assignments across the country allows us to find more jobs for models than anyone else.

Many models are also signed to multiple agencies, and this can maximise their chances of getting as many good auditions as possible. Being a model is not just about being tough and resilient, looking after yourself and believing in yourself. It is also about experience. Image Models is a model agency in London with an open mind to all modelling types.